Meet the Crew

It takes a dedicated crew to run this ship. We're proud of what we do and hope you'll join us!


Dan Crall

Station Manager / Program Director / DJ Coordinator / Board President

Corvallis resident Dan Crall is a broadcast veteran, with nearly 10 years experience in public radio, and over 20 years in the voice over industry.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications – Audio Production from Ball State University.  He has a passion for audio production, creating radio programs and podcasts, exploring many genres of music, progressive and green politics, and community building.

Jennifer Cassidy

The “OG” Volunteer / VP of Community Airways Board of Directors / DJ / Events Lead / Merch Coordinator

Jennifer has been involved in music throughout her life; playing instruments, attending concerts, and listening to the radio! She is currently the VP of the Community Airwaves Board of Directors and hosts two shows on KORC, The Lost KORC and Saturday Market Playlist.

Ash Terry


Ashley is president of Uphill Media, Inc and has been volunteering time and resources to numerous groups and causes over the years. Ash is a professional videographer and lends his many skills to UHM and KORC for live event production and editing.


DJ Angel against a red backdrop

DJ Angel

Angels of KORC

DJ Angel (also known as Solomon the KORC Kid) is the host of “Angels of KORC” and a regular music contributor to KORC. He likes all sorts of music including trap, bass, hip hop, and various other genres heard on KORC. He is KORC’s youngest volunteer. When he’s in the mood, he likes to make short announcements on the air.

Augie West smiling at the beach

Augie West

Chasing My Tail

Augie is a retired teacher and in his youth worked for a record distributor and a guitar and drum company. He is a long time music fan and has attended hundreds of concerts. Augie hopes to use that experience to share music with you. Radio has always been his friend- from the top 40 AM stations  of the late 50s and early 60s to the beginnings of freeform FM radio.  This was the place to learn the new songs, groups, and singers of the day and to groove to the favorites he already knew. Augie’s mission is  to turn you on to great music like the freeform FM DJs of the early 70s turned him onto great music.

Bobby B

All Cows Eat Grass

BB’s radio roots are in college radio. ACEG showcases new and old indie/alternative rock as well as any genre that fits the mood of the week.

DJ Decaf at the ocean with a seagull

DJ Decaf

Buncombe Beats

Buncombe Beats is a show full of lofi rock, indie rock, punk rock and occasionally hip hop. Think tape hiss, strained vocals, and BIG emotions!

DJ Decaf loves all kinds of music, but he especially loves lofi rock and indie rock. He recently bought a tape deck and has gotten into making mix tapes again, complete with custom artwork. He’s also an avid cyclist, an aspiring poet, and a dad to two wonderful girls.

Explorin' Loren

Prog Wild

Loren hosts the weekly music show Prog Wild, featuring progressive music from all times and places. Email the station manager for requests and suggestions!

While you’ll hear plenty of “classic” prog-rock of the 1970s, Prog Wild is not limited this genre. There are many innovative styles of music that have fused genres to create new sounds and dynamics –– to “progress” the music beyond the popular or acceptable forms of the time!

Along with his KORC duties, Loren plays with Corvallis bands Strange Rotation and Distinguished Gentlemen. Otherwise he is probably writing his thesis in archaeology, gardening, making yogurt & cheese, or explorin’ the territory.


Adventures on the Dragonfly Pinky Toe

Bio coming soon.

DJ Glowcat

Glowcat’s Scratchbox, Tech Committee Chair

Glowcat has been heavily involved in the DJing community in Corvallis for the past 2+ years operating shows, performing, and workshopping. Her show, Glowcat’s Scratchbox, showcases mixes from DJs from all over Oregon. Glowcat’s own mixes are a blend of indie dance, tech house, diva house, hip house, nu-disco, and UK garage. In addition to her work at KORC, Glowcat was the co-host of the Working DJs Radio Show on KBVR alongside DJ Woods from 2022-2024. She is also the chair of the tech committee at KORC, which is in charge of improving antenna coverage and streaming site features. She is currently studying for her ham radio license.

If you are an Oregon DJ and would like to be on Scratchbox, please contact Glowcat at:

James "Old Man" Winther

Return From Chaos

Corvallis local DJ James Winther brings Death Metal and “weird other music” to KORC with, “Return From Chaos.”

Old Man Winther had been a dumb metalhead since trading a bag of Triscuits for a copy of Kill ’em All back in the mid 90s. He is delighted to host “Return from Chaos” on K-Orc 105.9 so as to make you listen to his favorite death and black metal songs with a smattering of jazz, industrial , goth rock, odd classical, nordic folk, along with a side dish of shameless self-spotlighting of his own past/current bands and the sporadic Nintendo song, Beatles remix, or paranormal call-in guest.

J Nortz

Hit Hard To Leftfield

I’m a Corvallis musician, greenhouse enthusiast, and record collector. The music played on HHTL is lifted almost exclusively from this collection of records, which includes jazz, free and spiritual jazz, experimental, world, Kosmiche, psychedelic, Italian soundtrack, and otherwise leftfield music. I have a huge passion for recorded sound, and hope to endlessly pursue and expand my knowledge and understanding of it. Sharing and connecting with interested folks like you makes it all the better!! Get in touch with me if you want to chat records, music, a song you heard on the show, anything!

IG: @Hit_Hard_To_Leftfield

Come with open minds and ears, and see ya out there!

Lava Lamp Larry

Retro Lounge

Lava Lamp Larry is the host of the Retro Lounge, heard every Saturday at noon and Monday at 6 pm.

As a young man he was badly bitten by the rock’n roll bug and has never recovered.

Therapy includes rocking the 105.9 spot and playing guitar in Corvallis bands The Easy Targets and Summer of Love.

DJ Lunitin

Luni Tunes, Tech Committee Member

Bio Coming Soon

DJ Mermaid Hair

Pau Hana Time

Bio Coming Soon



Blinx is a forward-minded hourly show and eponymous independent record label focusing on tasty picks from the history of dance music with host, Brandon Richardson aka DJ MOS FET (metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effects-transistor), a lifelong obsessed-listener and avid collector. Inspired by the ethos of British pirate radio, each show offers a fervent, globetrotting mixture of different regional club styles in a fun variety of tempos and flavour.


Goose Bumps, Tech Committee Member

Bio Coming Soon

Nick Martin

KORC News & Civics

Bio coming soon.


4Ril 4TheRadio

Tired of the same hip-hop songs on mainstream radio? Then listen and learn somethin’. 4Ril 4TheRadio, hosted by me, Phil 4Ril, is an uncut (yes, swear words and everything) old-school hip-hop mix. 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.  I play songs from artists that don’t get enough radio play as well as artists that you might be familiar with, but not the same two songs you’re used to hearing. I play hip-hop from west coast, east coast, down south, midwest, overseas, and even local talent. I’m not only a DJ, but also a hip-hop artist. I might premiere some new music of mine or maybe do an exclusive freestyle just for the show. Some nites I mite do more DJ mixing. You never know what you’re gonna get on 4Ril 4TheRadio; underground hip hop, underrated hits, remixes, live performances, mixtape freestyles, exclusive blends & more… Just know its gonna be 4Ril.

2 new episodes every week – no replay! So tune in or miss out!

Saint Francis

Church in the Woods

Saint Francis is a veteran of KBVR Corvallis (then known as DJOK), who joined KORC in late 2022. Now, as then, he hosts a weekly mix show featuring the best electronic music from the dawn of house and techno up through this present era of our global underground. After nearly a decade in Oregon, he has returned to his beloved Maine woods. From the evergreen glades, naked granite peaks, and rocky fractal shores of the Pine Tree State, Saint Francis communes with the birds, beasts, and bees; flowers, fish, and trees, keeping his nearly symmetrical ears alive to the tempestuous tones drifting in off the cold Atlantic Tradewinds, aetheric groans from the francophone north, and telluric thumps tumbling down the Great Divide. By the magic of modern telecommunications, he brings this fresh catch to you, dear listener, only on 105.9 FM KORC, Corn Valley, every Saturday at 7 PM.

Sean of Racing Turtles standing in an artsy room.


Racing Turtles

A punk at heart, collecting music since the early 90’s. Racing Turtles is an indie rock show that loves 60’s pop, drum beats, lo-fi, jazz, dream pop, shoegaze and all the best altar’d state sounds. You can party with us every Friday from 9-10pm or catch the encore Mondays from 3-4pm. Email the show for set list and birthday shout-outs.
Cheers Buddies

Trevor Heald

PSAs, Syndication, Station Bike Repair

I manage a few of our syndicated shows (Live on KEXP, Under the Needle, The Retro Cocktail Hour) and you might hear my voice on some promos and underwriters’ spots. I’m excited to discover a lot of cool new music through the station, and have been sneaking some of my favorite cuts in to the mix also.

My critical stats:
First CD purchased as a dorky 12-year-old: “Toccata and Fugue in d-Minor”
Karaoke songs: “Jolene”, “Pickup Man”, “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing”
Old standbys: Aphex Twin, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Weird Al
Favorite new bands: Altın Gün, Melvins, The Stone, Falkenbach
Guilty pleasures: Evanescence, Scorpions, Ozzy.

Some least favorite bands: Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, Elton Joh

Outside of KORC, I run a semi-nonprofit 420(c)(3) metal fabrication business and sling veggies at the Saturday market.

Picture of John "Wesley" Myers by his model train.

John "Wesley" Myers

KORC Classical Hour

Wesley has a profound love of nearly all genres of music, but classical tops the list. He was a classical PGM DJ at his college radio station nearly 50 years ago. That fueled the interest in all types of classical from Baroque to modern. A 25 year career in commercial radio and TV, then 21 years in media services at OSU has led Wesley to KORC radio, with fun times ahead. Other passions are model railroading, tennis, and 9 grandchildren.


Scott Gilbert

FM Technical Lead / Tech Committee Member

Bio coming soon.

Trevor Sehrer

News Anchor / App Developer / Board Member

Bio coming soon.

Holly M.L. Shutta

Board Secretary / Fundraising Committee Member

Holly has a long history of community organizing and activism. She coordinates local volunteers, events and merchandise for KORC.

Charles Maughan

Board Member / Tech Committee Member

Bio coming soon.