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Civics, News

News, Music, & Civics
1 PM Sundays
Select Corvallis news and headlines, plus interviews, features, and announcements. To hear past episodes, check out our News, Music, & Civics archive!

Beyond Your Front Door
12:30 AM Sundays
Your West Coast adventure guide with U.S. Forest Service interpretive ranger Dina Pavlis.

Coast Range Radio
12 PM Sundays
Interviews with folks who work to build just communities that provide for people and the natural world, plus discussion on the connections between Oregon’s forests, social justice, and the climate crisis.


New Years Eve Party
10 PM Fridays
Celebrate New Years every single week with comedian Neil Hamburger, plus funny songs and standup.

Storytelling, Spoken-Word

Emil Amos’ Drifters Sympathy
12 AM Thursdays
Emil Amos, the leader of bands Grails, Holy Sons, Lilacs and Champagne, and drummer for Om, hosts his own podcast Drifter’s Sympathy. Diving deep into his past, Emil recounts honest stories from his youth as an outsider in the 80s/90s LoFi and Punk scenes of Chapel Hill, NC. The show explores themes on the role of a guru, becoming an artist, finding your way, hope, philosophy, drug use, being an outsider, existentialism, depression, humor, and much more. Every other episode zooms in on a particular genre or era of music history and its importance.

KORC MixTape
3 PM Wednesdays, Encores 3 PM Saturdays
KORC MixTape offers a broad mix of genres and songs, plus various ramblings, from program director Dan Crall.