Hey Everyone! 

KORC FM is LIVE on-air!

After more than a year, we finally launched the FM signal in Corvallis, Oregon and right here at KORCfm.com. You can listen from anywhere in the world for free. 

Now… we need to grow the station to better serve the community and accomplish our civics mission. That will take volunteers and funding. Volunteers being the most important. 

Big secret… the nonprofit organization that financed this station, Uphill Media is a total of 4 board members and 2 volunteer content creators. That’s it. Together with 37 founding donors and a handful of amazing volunteers, we launched KORC.

UHM Crew

Larry Taylor – Secretary

Laura Livengood – Board Member

Ashley Terry – President

John Ellis – Vice President

Amos Elroy and Markus Kranz host shows on the UHM YouTube channel

KORCFM has a crew started

Jennifer Cassidy is the Local Volunteer Coordinator and Promotions Director

I am the General Manager and Program Director 

The people that made it happen

There is an amazing team of people that helped get KORC Live on-air. I had no idea how hard it was to get an FM signal launched and legal.  It was an insane challenge especially during a pandemic, and this crew kicked ass.

It all starts with CCTV Salem…

Without the help of Alan Bushong, Mike Wassenaar, and Jeff Shaw, KORC would never have happened. Thank you all for leading the way and connecting us to Jeff Cotton and OSR.

Jeff Cotton – Owner at Open Sky Radio and developer of the KJIV sound that KORC runs. Jeff worked with UHM on financing the station so we could afford it. He’s also been on the ground in Corvallis during the pandemic coordinating installation of the antenna and many other pieces of gear needed to make KORC live. 

Todd Urick – Engineer and consultant with Common Frequency. Todd took care of FCC stuff, radio signal plotting, and all sorts of other technical stuff that is required. Todd donated 95% of his time so the cost was something we could afford, it usually costs thousands to get done.

Charles Maughan connected us with Hugh & Elizabeth White who own the building the antenna is on. Without their generosity, we may never have found a place.

Derrick Liu installed and configured the Ice Cast server that delivers the KORC stream online. Without Derrick’s help, the streaming service would have cost a lot more.

Ashley Terry and Laura Livengood donated time to develop the branding and merch.

Larry Taylor does all the stuff  that makes us a legal nonprofit, keeps the books and pays the bills.

Gary Prince, Jack Kemp, and Jake Arnoldt have been working to connect all the gear and fix all the issues that have come up. There are still some things that need fixin’, but we’re on-air thanks to this amazing team of techs. 

Veterans for Peace and ORCA are working on some of the first KORC content, including FCC station ID’s. 

Our first Corvallis volunteer content creator, “Dj Nails” is finishing up their first show. It’s a sweet mix of select tunes for Black History Month from an extensive vinyl collection

I’m working on bringing in a very unique Grateful Dead show that currently airs on KYAQ. 

There’s some original content in the works as well…unfortunately, I’m bogged down with other things. My “day job” has become intense (also good news for us) and I’ve not been able to keep up with the work. 

This is where we need your help. In order for us to really get things cranking on KORC, we need more volunteers. Anyone willing to donate some time. There’s lots to do and we’ll find something you like doing. It’s a radio station FFS, let’s have a blast! 

If you’re interested in joining the KORC volunteer crew, please email me john@uphillmedia.org. If you know if someone who might be interested, you can have them email me or fill out the volunteer form on the website

I mentioned my “day job” was intense… Here’s a video to explain the Big Picture as far as I see it. The possibilities are epic. It will take a team of people willing to see it through. KORC is the civics artillery factory for this D-Day sized assault on corporate media narrative. 

Discord Community

 It’s where the KORC volunteers and paid members hang out. Eventually we’ll stream exclusive live content in there. Right now, it’s a place for us to organize and discuss plans. If you become a member or volunteer, you will receive a Discord invite. 


John Ellis