Think like sinclair

control the narrative

Our civics media distribution strategy is modeled after what Sinclair Media has done. Sinclair owns the vast majority of rural TV and Radio stations across America. They shape narrative in rural areas through local channels. Here’s a video by John Oliver about Sinclair.  

Tactical Media

This is a revolution. We have to fight corporate control of our media if we want to survive. We deserve a world at peace. A clean and healthy world. Corporate controlled media does not agree. This drives our strategy. This is why we must Think Like Sinclair. 

We are creating a library of tactical media to change narrative. We seek content creators that understand how to craft media that works narrative. We are teaching civics and shaping the narrative around that education. This is not about politics. We are a 501c3 nonprofit. We do not support any political party and the content we create cannot endorse or support any party or political organization. Narrative is more subtle than that. 

Uphill Media is looking for volunteers (producers, content creators, and writers) who can produce tactical media. Contact