Hey Everybody!


Americana Music 

KORC FM is an FCC licensed Low Power FM station dedicated to playing great music and building community.

What is KORC FM?

KORC FM is an Americana radio station run by Community Airwaves.

 Our mission: Play great music and build community.

How will we do this? 

Music the community wants to hear.

The goal of any local radio station is to play music and develop programs the community wants to hear. That’s easy to do with an FCC license. We have the legal right to play anything we want. We do have to pay for memberships and fees for some of the content. These fees also grant us the right to stream all content to the Internet. That way, everyone can enjoy and participate in KORC Radio. 

It’s not your typical station.

The song library is a carefully curated list of music across the spectrum. It’s Cross Generational Americana that includes 80 years of American music. It’s the roots of rock to modern indie, blue grass, folk… More B sides and album cuts than A side corporate tunes. It’s the kind of song library that FM radio used to be known for. Ask anyone who can remember the 70’s. This library is the KJIV 96.5 FM brand, created by the legendary audio engineer Jeff Cotton. The curation is done by Jeff and a handful of veteran DJ’s. KJIV is based in Madras Oregon, but the content is broadcast to many other stations across the rural West Coast. There are also several hosted shows that are updated weekly. 

Unlike most new radio stations, we don’t have to rush to fill air time. We already have music up all the time. We can focus on creating shows the community wants to hear to replace the regular library playlist. This is not how a typical radio station starts. This is so much better!