Freeform Community Radio for Corvallis, Oregon

KORC FM is an FCC licensed Low Power FM station dedicated to playing great music and building community.

What is KORC FM?

KORC FM is a low-power radio station run by volunteers from around the Corvallis community.

 Our mission: Play great music and build community.

How will we do this? 

Music the community wants to hear.

The goal of any local radio station is to play music and develop programs the community wants to hear. That’s easy to do with an FCC license. We have the legal right to play anything we want. We do have to pay for memberships and fees for some of the content. These fees also grant us the right to stream all content to the Internet. That way, everyone can enjoy and participate in KORC Radio. 

It’s not your typical station.

The song library includes a vast amount of music that spans genres and decades. From folk to metal to freeform jazz, our group of dedicated volunteer DJ’s craft shows that feature music you don’t normally hear on the radio. And those DJ’s? Theyre your neighbors, friends, strangers, the ones delivering your mail, the person behind the counter – this is what KORC is about: a radio station ran by the community for the community. 

Along with our love of music is our dedication to civic engagement. We cover the news and go out to see what folks in town have to say. A healthy community is one that is aware of the local issues and interests, and it is this belief that drives our civics team to make KORC truly a station for the people.