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Dj Nails

Sugar-free Radio with Dj Nails

Dj Nails is a Corvallis-based DJ in search of interesting and strange music, both terrestrial and cosmic. Tune into their KORC show Sugar-free Radio and relax as they step through discs of drums ‘n dub, house, boogie, jazz, ambience, and everything in between. All moods, all styles, and free in soul & spirit. The two hour show is fresh weekly at 9pm Pacific on Friday with replays Monday at 9pm and Tuesday at midnight.

Vol 1. Resistance – Struggle – Celebration

The first episode of Sugar-free Radio features records around the theme of Black resistance, struggle, and celebration. This mix bounces through rhythm & funk, singular educational gems, laid back steppers, and deep & soulful house music from its birthplace of Detroit and Chicago. 

Vol 2. Midnight Boogie

 I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B lately, and this mix captures a bit more of the high-energy side of things, and what is often referred to as boogie. Drums, synths, and soul are really the essential ingredients here, although I could argue those are key instruments in any good song… ~ Dj Nails

Vol 3. Heroes

The pandemic not only robbed so many beautiful and seminal artists from our world, but also our ability to gather and celebrate the music they left behind. This show features records from only some of the artists we lost since early 2020. ~ Dj Nails 

Vol 4. Loose Discs

Freeform selections tonight. Does this record spark joy? Yes. Give it a spin… ~ Dj Nails

Vol 5. Traum Urlaub

All cosmic and cellular tunes from the golden era of German sound experimentation…Dream in and drop out of the cosmos with Schultze, Froese, Göttsching, and friends. Gute reise! ~ Dj Nails

Vol 6. Loose Discs #2

Loose Discs #2 starts off with meditative, pre-dawn sounds before stretching fully awake to the embracing songs of Javier Bergia and Lonnie Liston Smith. After a strong jazz shakeup, the beat organizes into a Mother’s Day-approved spread of house and disco dancefloor classics. ~ Dj Nails

Vol. 7 Tasteful Guitars

Whether the star attraction or a subtle accent, I consider all of the tunes in this episode wonderful due to their essential six-stringed ingredient. Two hours of mellow & energized guitar music from Steve Hiett, Joan Bibiloni, Ryo Kawasaki, and more. ~ Dj Nails

Vol. 8  Craven Ravin’

This episode is dedicated to the strange, sunny, and special place of Craven County, NC. Lay back with tunes from Hailu Mergia, Lena D’ Água, Loose Ends, and more. Find the secret spot and jump into the rhythm river.

Music Story Time

Music Story Time hosted by GM John

Over the years I’ve built a long list of great music with stories tied to them. Many of these stories are based on personal experiences, many written by others, including my father, Bill Ellis. I used to end livestream broadcasts with these stories. It’s time to redo them for radio and play the music without worry of getting shut down or blocked on YouTube.

Snow Patrol “Life on Earth” Climate Crisis Remix

In early 2019 I was very depressed about the Climate Crisis. I was also in a creative space and desperate to vent my frustration at how we had completely failed to take care of this planet and each other. I was inspired by Snow Patrol’s 2018 song, “Life on Earth”. It hit me hard and really nailed the anger I was feeling. 

Turns out I wasn’t alone. Read the full story. 

Music & Civics Moments

Music & civics moments are times in history where civic events inspired a song. From WoodStock to Winds of Change…we share the stories.

For What It's Worth - The Right to Protest

by Buffalo Springfield | Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Stop, Hey What’s That Sound)

Although “For What It’s Worth” is often considered an anti-war song, Stephen Stills was inspired to write the song because of the Sunset Strip curfew riots in November 1966—a series of early counterculture-era clashes that took place between police and young people on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California, beginning in mid-1966, the same year Buffalo Springfield had become the house band at the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip.[6] Local residents and businesses had become annoyed by how crowds of young people going to clubs and music venues along the Strip had caused late-night traffic congestion. In response, they lobbied Los Angeles County to pass local ordinances stopping loitering, and enforced a strict curfew on the Strip after 10 p.m. The young music fans, however, felt the new laws infringed upon their civil rights.[7]  Source: WikipediA 

Read the full story